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The usual start to my day is being woken at 6am by my inquisitive 5 year old son.  He starts the day by asking a lot of questions, I assume from what he has dreamt about, but nonetheless, questions about why the sky is blue at 6am has now become the norm.  A hot cup of coffee is the next order of day!

My eldest son is far less enthused about the day usually, so I coax him out of bed with a warm cup of milk and cuddle on the sofa.  We try to have breakfast together before my husband leaves for work.  Throughout lockdown my husband has continued to work as a key worker, so we relish breakfast time and dinner time as a family.

After breakfast about 8:30am, I fire up my laptop, ready for home working.  I set the shared workspace up for my two sons ready for their home school zoom lessons to start at 9am.  They both have one zoom lesson with their teacher in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Whilst it is quite a lot to juggle, the boys really love seeing their friends and having the opportunity to speak to their teachers.  A little normality during this time is so important to us, especially my eldest son who struggles with any changes to routine.

In between helping my son’s with their zoom calls, I check my emails and remind myself of any actions I have set myself for the day. Their calls tend to finish at 10:30/11am, so I try to plan any meetings around this time and set them up with a little ‘down/play time’ and snack to preoccupy themselves.  Currently I am working with a client that has a lot of different programmes with us at the Leadership Trust.  It is great to be involved in lots of different projects.  I love liaising with clients and faculty, discussing their needs and helping formulate this.  I also frequently speak to the delegates that are participating in the programmes, either via email or phone.

Today, I’m focussing on pulling together the information for an upcoming course.  I send the ‘Joining Information’ to the participants which has details including the programme aims and objects and any pre-work that may be required.  I am conscious I want to ensure that I capture all the important information ahead of the programme, to enable the participants to feel ready and equipped for their course.  I am also working on the formatting of the presentation and liaising with the faculty that will be delivering the course to ensure that everything is aligned and ready to go for delivery day!

At lunch time, I get ready for the boy’s next zoom sessions.  I am all about planning and organisation – in my job and at home.  I prepare lunch for me and the boys and if the weather is nice, we enjoy eating in the garden.

In the afternoon, I am continuing to work on programme preparation for an upcoming course.  I am also organising coaching sessions, so I am coordinating the delegate(s) and coach diaries and setting up zoom appointments.  I work part time, so my working day tends to finish at 3pm unless I have meetings.

The favourite part of my role is organisation and planning.  I enjoy helping to coordinate events whether it be from speaking to faculty about the programme; internal team about delivery; or venue arrangements.  Possibly the most rewarding aspect of my job is corresponding with the delegates that are attending an upcoming course and helping them feel reassured and confident with what to expect.

My day normally ends with a quick check of my emails in case there are any urgent to action.  I make sure that my ‘to do’ list has been checked and I set reminders for the following day.

After work I visit my parents. I help my mum care for my dad, so we are part of a support bubble currently. My parents live very close, so usually the boys and I walk there.  This has become a lovely end of the day routine, so we can switch off from technology – school work and my work.   I adore walking and so do the boys so we try and walk as much as possible.

If I could be anything else I would love to be a Clinical Psychologist.  I studied for my undergraduate and post graduate in psychology so would love to continue my studies one day.


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