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Leadership Foundations

£500 + VAT

What’s included

One day non-residential course

Lunch and refreshments included.

ILM accreditation

ILM development certificate.
6 months studying membership for all learners through the ILM website.

Drive the future. Plant the seeds of great leadership in the people who will push your business forward.

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Who this will help

Those taking their first steps in leadership, adopting new responsibilities in the business or stepping up to a bigger role where they’ll need a greater understanding of how to get the best from the people around them.

Ideal for those looking to explore the fundamentals of good leadership, build their confidence and develop a winning management style.

How it will advance them

Inspiring one-day course that delves into the theory and practice of great leadership using a mix of discussion, projects and practical exercises.

Every participant will come away with a clear idea of the leader they can be, and the personal strengths they can bring to that role.

Invaluable grounding in a range of leadership techniques, as well as being a primer for the familiar – and unfamiliar – challenges a new leader will face.

The benefits

  • Discover and develop your own leadership style. Recognise your strengths, build your abilities, perfect the techniques that work for you.
  • Understand what motivates those around you and forge them into a powerful and united team.
  • Deliver results. How to use what you’ve learned to turn strategy into action and ideas into game changers for your business.

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