Your business has great leaders.
They just don’t know it yet.

Approach to learning

We believe…

Authentic, effective, inspiring leadership can come from anywhere in your organisation – and it can be developed . We will help your people find their own leadership style, one with impact and based on their strengths where thinking differently makes a difference.

The strength of our past

Our Special Forces heritage taught us, better than most, about leadership under extremely testing circumstances. The world is full of unexpected and unprecedented challenges and we know leaders need a special kind of development to take them on.

The path to your future

So learning dawns on our courses… We don’t ‘lecture’; our philosophy is to show and coach and guide people to their own conclusions.

Why? Because then they are your leaders, not tied to a book of set solutions but open-minded, versatile, flexible and ready to turn the unique challenges of your business into tomorrow’s opportunities.


Tailored Programmes

Created uniquely for your organisation’s challenges and the leaders you need your team to be.


Open Courses

Well-proven programmes designed to address the key leadership issues all organisations face

Angie Alderman, Transformation and Change Consultant
Mandarin Gayle Coaching

Approach to clients


If you don’t listen, you can’t lead, so we place great importance on hearing what our clients tell us and adapting our approach, programmes or solution to suit. When we see a better and faster way of meeting your plans, we change ours.


We start by exploring your ambitions – and we’ll ask some difficult questions – but out of that will come an actionable Leadership Review of your organisation and a comprehensive assessment of how we can help you address the issues it faces.


We pursue partnerships based on openness and trust so we can be sure of finding your ‘real need’, the one even your own organisation may not perceive beneath the surface. Our solutions: Tailored programmes   Open courses   Coaching

Why choose us?

Our approach

We like leadership that energises, innovates and sees no boundaries – to where its team and business can go, or where its ideas and inspiration should come from. 

Our culture

We understand the pressure on 21st Century leaders to deliver results in the toughest situations. We bring a unique approach to that challenge, founded in our Special Forces history yet allied to the latest thinking, tools and techniques. 

Our programmes

We favour experiential learning, as in our view the best way to find and develop the leader in everyone is for them to experience it and receive feedback on their performance ‘in the moment’. We’ll create a programme specifically to meet your needs for individuals, team, board or entire organisations. 

Our people

We draw on the expertise of an outstanding Delivery Team and an extraordinary assembly of Alumni – 70,000 individuals who have been on their own leadership journey to influence companies and organisations worldwide. 

Jon Davidge, Head of Training & Development
The Leadership Trust


Working with a number of partners we can also help the leaders we train achieve a range of accreditations.

From our university partners

We work with academic partners in the field of executive education, including the University of Strathclyde and Worcester University.

Chartered Management Institute

In partnership with CMI, our delegates and our 60,000 alumni can now attain the coveted Chartered Manager status

Institute of Leadership and Management

Approved Provider status with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) for Leadership Foundations, Leadership in Management and Leading with Impact.


How to contact us:

Call us 01989 767667 or email us